Well-Watered Garden Tribe Party: The Story.

They came Well-Watered. They came with a great interpretation of the party theme: Hip Hop Graffiti. They came with mega expectations to have loads of fun and to unwind. They are the Well-Watered Garden Tribe members who had their mid-year party on July 18th.

Hours before the kickoff of the event, all the departments were set and already waiting for the much-expected party which had gathered momentum during the countdown to commence.  With the music policy of Back to the 90s, the official DJ of the Event did justice to it by delivering every music we knew in the 90’s.

Then came the arrival of the Founder of the Well-Watered Tribe herself, The Jagaban of the  Event industry, Bisi Sotunde thus setting the event rolling with Opening Prayer, Well-Watered Tribe anthem, National anthem, and other opening formalities.  In her opening remarks, she welcomed the members present physically and others joining via the virtual platform to the event stating that the major aim of the party is to celebrate the members, unwind, relax, network, and have fun.

Major highlights of the events included networking sessions, surprise presentation of gift items to the founder by the tribe members, presentation of certificates to deserving tribe members for their continuous support to the community, games, dancing competition, cutting of the cake by members who were born in July and other tribe members as well as the after-party.

Indeed, members of the WWGT  had mega all-around fun, members were seen exchanging banters, playing games in the games arcade, responding to questions  on the special hip hop graffiti red carpet, dancing in clusters, taking selfies. As expected, the food and drinks were not in short supply. From Continental to local dishes as well as assorted drinks were available at beck and call.

in case you didn’t know, The Well-Watered Garden Tribe  is a business support group (with over 250 members both in Nigeria and diaspora)  for Event professionals who are intentional about their businesses and are willing to network and collaborate with other members. In this group, members show genuine love and support to each other in and out of business dealings. Founded in 2017 as the Busybee Tribe until 2020 when it was renamed The Well-Watered Garden Tribe and since then, the group has watered members both in business and their personal lives.  For event professionals looking forward to join the community, All you need to is to sign up for the BusyBee Event Business Summit coming up Wednesday November 10th and you get an access to join the support group

No doubt, the event industry has been one of the badly hit sectors by the rampaging Covid -19 pandemic and one way for event professionals  to bounce back is to leverage on tested business support group like the Well-Watered Garden Tribe whose members gave testimonies of how the WWGT has helped their business in many different ways at the event.

The WWGT mid-year party must have come and gone, but members are already looking forward to the end-of-year party even as they are set to Flourish, Blossom and Bloom.

  1. Ife'ctiv Touch

    This is a very beautiful write up. The Well-watered garden tribe is definitely a place to be for event professionals who want to step up their game.

  2. Bamikole Aanuoluwa Joshua

    It was indeed a wonderful event, one in the town. I was able to network with event production professionals.
    I had a lot of fun, the love tmwe share, to see one another and to collaborate was indeed wonderful. Kudos to our coach Bisi you are wonderful and highly insightful.
    M.c bamilk

  3. Magdalene Adegoke

    Very well detailed story. Thank you for doing justice to the party. Theme well interpreted and party well enjoyed! Wahala for who no dey WWGT ooooo. Shallom ✌️

  4. TK Events ododoeye

    Thanks to all the organizers, it was a well package event by the event personnel and it’s really worth it to wine n dine at least to cool off. to all the committee i said job well done. wwgt God will increase us all on all sides. more wins wwgt more wins busybee.

  5. MCteka

    Lovely captured and written. It was really a fun time with members and all present.

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