THE EVENT CLINIC 7.0: Raising the bar in Event Industry Conference.
May 31, 2024

The date was Tuesday 21st May 2024. As early as 7am, the venue was already filled with intentional participants, invited guests to have their events businesses diagnosed and treated at one of the most unique Event Industry Conference –The Event Clinic7.0

Welcoming the delegates, the Convener, Chioma  Obiefuna- The Fairygodmother , stressed the intentionality of the choice of speakers at this year’s event.  She went further to highlight what to expect from each of the speakers who were intentionally chosen. This was followed by the speakers’ presentation.

Leading the keynote speaking session was Industry Icon, thought leader, global speaker, premium event planner, the dynamic and lovable Funke Bucknor – Obruthe, who spoke on the topic: BALANCING TRADITION AND INNOVATION: Keys to Longevity in the Event Industry. Funke Bucknor – Obruthe, popularly known as FBO and who is also the CEO of Zapphaire Events has been in the industry for over 20 years and still evolving from the era of tradition to modern trends through intentionality and innovation. The participants indeed were excited to listen to FBO once again.

Next to speak was Event production designer & stylist Tunde Olawuyi, CEO, Abinibi Events Cottage. He brought his very unique experience in the industry to bear when he unpacked the topic: THE CLIENT THAT GOT AWAY: Why They Picked Your Competitor over you. It was a no-holds- barred session as he shared some of his practical experience in the industry in order to encourage the participants to be unique, innovative and elevate their brands.

In his presentation, the third speaker, Onye Ubanatu spoke on the topic: PERSONAL BRANDING: Establishing Yourself as a Thought Leader in Your Industry. Ubanatu, who is a Tedx Speaker, Large Event Concert & Festival producer, was practical in teaching the participants how to develop their personal brands as well as  thought leadership skills. Delegates were excited to learn from the experience of Onye Ubanatu, who has evolved and continues to evolve in the industry.

At the end of each session, there were innovative fireside chats anchored by the convener as the Conversationalist, this was intentional  as it afforded the speakers to unpack their presentation while fielding questions from the delegates.

Goodwill messages from Industry associations and industry experts including Mrs. Adefunke Kuyoro, the immediate past president of Association of Professional Party Organizers and Event Managers in Nigeria (APPOEMN), Current President of APPOEMN and CEO of Dunamis Events, Mrs. Olufunbi Akinyosoye, President of Alimosho Event Vendors Association and CEO of Dore Events Concepts, Eunice Iwu-Basil and Ebunoluwa Okufuwa, Founder of Ikorodu Vendors’ Hub & CEO, Zaphrina Events. One by one, they praised the convener for her tenacity, courage and intentionality  that saw her through the past seven years of The Event Clinic.

The event was mind blowing, full of knowledge sharing, powerful networking with a dash of magic, fun and good food. The Event Clinic 7.0 might have come and gone, but it sure provided the delegates, the opportunity to embrace the spirit of creativity, explore ground breaking ideas to unlock their potentials in order to sour above the ordinary.



Meet Chioma Obiefuna: The Fairygodmother of Love and Events.

Chioma Obiefuna is a true believer in the magic of love, the power of romantic endings, and the art of bringing people together. With a passion for travel, a love for cooking, and an obsession with all things related to weddings and love stories, Chioma is not your average Wedding Planner.

Affectionately known as ‘The Fairygodmother, Chioma’s enchanting touch turns ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Chioma is not just a Wedding Planner; she’s an accomplished Wedding Planner/Producer with over a decade of experience in the Nigerian Event Industry. Her company, Kristafield Events Group, bears her mark of excellence. Chioma has earned recognition and awards for her dedication and hard work, making her a respected figure in the industry.

In May 2020, Chioma unveiled her brand, “The Fairygodmother Consults,” which provides brand and personal consulting for Eventpreneurs. As if that wasn’t enough, she also became an author with the release of her book, ‘The Money Well,’ achieving remarkable success with her new brand.

Chioma, with an unwavering passion for the events industry, founded The Event Clinic in 2018 with a vision to create a space where creativity, innovation, and expertise converge. Their commitment to uplifting event professionals has turned The Event Clinic into an annual celebration of excellence.

Beyond organizing conferences, Chioma is a catalyst for change, fostering a sense of camaraderie in the events industry. The creation of The Camaraderie Hub in 2022 stands as a testament to their commitment to providing continuous support and growth opportunities for the event community. She also belongs to several national and international communities of wedding planners.


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